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How To Do Shoulder and Back Exercises for Individuals with Tetraplegia
How To Do Bicep Curls and Shoulder Flexion Exercises for Individuals with Tetraplegia
How To Do Chest Press and Battle Ropes Exercises
How To Do Lower Trap and Posterior Deltoid Exercises using Theraband
How To Do a Shoulder External Rotation, Triceps Strengthening, and a Lat Pull Back Exercises using Theraband
How To Do Biceps Exercises
How To Do Shoulder External Rotation/ Rotator Cuff Exercise
How To Do Arms Warm Up before Exercise
How To Do Pressure Reliefs in a Power Wheelchair (Tilting/Reclining, Leaning Forward and Modified Leaning Side to Side)
Skin Breakdown and Pressure Ulcer Prevention in Persons with SCI
How To Do Arm Exercises for C5-C6 (Using Resistance Bands and Wrist Weights)
How To Sit Down Skiing
How To Do Pressure Reliefs in a Manual Wheelchair (Push-up, Leaning Side to Side, Leaning Forward)
How To Go Up the Escalator
How To Travel in a metro train and go down the escalator with a wheelchair
How To Drive and Do a Transfer from Car to Wheelchair
How To Transfer from Wheelchair to Car
How To Do a Floor Transfer
How To Transfer from Wheelchair to Bed
How To Do Pressure Reliefs

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Welcome to the “How To” Video Library! The purpose of the videos offered here is to share different ways of doing things to adapt to living with a spinal cord injury (SCI). With support from the Craig H. Neilsen Foundation, we worked with therapists and experienced persons with SCI to develop this set of short videos, which we call HtV (“how to” videos). These HtV demonstrate functional skills that people with SCI themselves thought were novel or important. We also looked for diversity in our skills demonstrators: men and women, younger and older, para- and tetraplegics, from a range of racial and ethnic backgrounds.

This HtV Library is mirrored on YouTube where it becomes more accessible to people who may not have linked up with specific SCI-interest resources like this website. As of January 2013, over 284,500 people had viewed the HtV Library on YouTube!

These videos are part of the resources that the National Spinal Cord Injury Association (NSCIA, a program of United Spinal Association) includes in their “bagpacks,” a chair backpack NSCIA makes available to spinal cord injury rehabilitation programs nationwide to use to help people adapt to life after injury.

Development of new videos is on-going, so check back often! You can also sign up for our newsletter to stay in the loop on updates to the HtV Library and other SCI news clicking on the link above right.

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