This month’s mini survey is focusing on urinary tract infection (UTI). UTI is the most common infection across the able-bodied population, and is the most common cause of outpatient infection and rehospitalization in people with SCI.  It is estimated that about 50% of the SCI population have at least one UTI/per year.  This month we would like to know more about frequency of UTIs, symptoms and treatment of UTI.

These surveys are an easy way for the RRTC team to hear from the SCI community on certain topics. Information from these surveys will help the RRTC team understand the needs of the community. Please take a moment to take our survey.

We really appreciate your feedback!

Please use the scroll bar on the right of the survey to view the complete survey and submit your answers.

2 Responses to “November Survey on Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)”

  1. Richard Rodin says:

    I now use disposable catheters and it has helped alot,. I used to get utis frequently.

  2. Tom Moran says:

    For 10 years I reused catheters and had roughly 1 UTI per year. Now I use about 180 single use catheters per month with no UTIs.

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