In January, we surveyed your physical activity/exercise!

Thank you to all of our quick poll responders, your feedback is so appreciated!

The responder group (51 total) is significantly split with 31% reporting never or rarely participating in physical activity/ exercise verses 41% that have identified themselves participating 3 or more times per week the rest vary between 1 and 2 times per week.  Of the responders would reported exercising 47% participate in Endurance/Resistance activity and 57% also perform stretching during their activity routines.   65% are performing their exercise activities in their home while 28% may go to the gym and about 20% perform their exercise by some other means such as gaming systems like the Wii.  18% of responders feel they are not adequately informed about activities they can do to safely perform exercise.  Of the individuals, who rarely or never exercise 49% selected that more education on exercise and spinal cord injury would motivate them to perform more activity.

The overall demographics of our responding group was 43% women and 57% men, 58% were 36-55 years old and 32% were 56 and older.  59% have been living with their spinal cord injury for over 10 years.  The responders reporting having Paraplegia were 59% and 41% Tetraplegia.

Once again thank you for your responses!  Please check out our how to videos in our TV channel.  You may find some of them useful to incorporate in to your exercise regime or to just get you started and motivated.  We hope everyone has a safe and wonderful Spring and Summer!

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