In many large cities it is a valuable resource to know how to ride the metro train. However, it can be a very intimidating activity if you don’t know how to get on or off the train, or what to do while you are riding the train. Also, it is often necessary to ride the escalator at the metro station, which can be difficult at first if you are in a wheelchair. Take a look as Sydney demonstrates these useful skills and provides advice on how to master them in the community. Please remember that Sydney is a highly trained and experienced individual. If you wish to learn any of these techniques, supervision by a professional therapist is highly recommended. Sydney’s level of injury is T3-4.

To view the video in Youtube: Click here.


One Response to ““HOW-TO” Travel in a metro train and go down the escalator with a wheelchair”

  1. Kathy Dunn says:

    Nice, except the video should show her getting onto the escalator, not just riding (a lot of wasted time there) and getting off. Getting on is the hard part.

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