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Are you ready for the winter???? Ready or not, it is that time of the year when winter is around the corner (for those of us in the North). Outside recreational activities can be hard during the winter season. Downhill skiing could be a good option even if you have never tried it before! Adaptive skiing programs are available throughout the country. This month, take a look at adaptive newbie skiers Dominique and Chanelle while they are getting ready to ski, learn to ride the ski lift and the best part of skiing going down the mountain! Dominque’s level of injury is C5-6 and Chanelle’s level of injury is T6.

Please consult with your physician and other clinical experts before attempting.  Make sure you are prepared with the right equipment and physical needs!

Below are Adaptive Skiing informational websites for programs across the country. Even if you are located in a warmer state, who couldn’t use a real winter vacation?

Adaptive Ski and Sport Programs: http://www.sitski.com/pg3.htm

  • Has information about adaptive programs in United States, Canada and Europe

What is Adaptive Skiing? http://www.sitski.com/whatisit.htm

  • General information about adaptive skiing and different kinds of adaptive ski equipment

How to Get Ready to Ski

To view the videos in Youtube: click here.

[flv width=”400″ height=”320″]http://sci-health.org/wp-content/upload-videos/Get-Ready-Ski.flv[/flv]

How to Ride a Ski Lift

[flv width=”400″ height=”320″]http://sci-health.org/wp-content/upload-videos/Ride-Ski-Lift.flv[/flv]

How to Do Sit Down Skiing

[flv width=”400″ height=”320″]http://sci-health.org/wp-content/upload-videos/Sit-Down-Skiing.flv[/flv]

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