How To Exercise C5-C6

Published on 25. Jan, 2012 by in News Update


This month focus is on exercise. Exercising is a goal for many of us, but it can be hard to get started, finding a wheelchair accessible gym etc. Our “How To” exercise videos focuses on exercises that can easily be done at home with wrist weights or exercise bands. This month our “How To” videos show Myron (C5-C6) completing arm exercises using both exercise band, and wrist weights

If you are new to exercise, please see our “Exercise and SCI” factsheet for additional exercise info. Also remember to consult with your physician if you plan on starting a new exercise routine.

Please stay tuned for additional exercise videos specific to level of injury coming during the spring.

To view the videos in Youtube: Click here.

Resistance Bands Exercise


Wrist Weights Exercise


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  1. Lee Willis says:

    love the videos. It would be great to see more ways to transfer in/out of car, by people who are of different ability levels… for instance, with less arm strength, or with more body weight.
    Other suggestions/requests… how to go up/down a curb in a manual chair, how to exercises for those with lower levels of sci, ie, T-8 to L-3.
    How to build arm strength, transfer chair-to-chair (ie daily use chair to sports chair w/o assistance, etc.

    Thank you for the great work here!

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